Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Hi everyone.

So, I've written for a long time,. . . but never "blogged". So, here goes. I"m not promising a consistent frequency, but I will update regularly as random thoughts come.

I am truly a random person, my wife does not understand me after 8 + great years of marriage, and my kids are in the same boat. :) So, my blogging will reflect that. I"m sure you'll notice themes, because I'm a pretty simple person. Random, yet simple. . . .

Comments of any kind are welcome. I am not a good moderator, though. . so I'll just tell you what I think. . .I am not very p.c. But, I like to 'walk a mile' in other's shoes. So, I'll see your point. . . and I'll give you mine.

If you'd like to contact me offline. . . .it's

Good to be here!


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