Tuesday, November 3, 2009

This week. . . . .

Well, it was one year ago this week that we brought Malachi home. This Sunday is "Orphan Sunday" across the USA, and I wanted to do a series of posts related to adoption. It's hard to find what to say, since I could write about 50 blogs of 1,000 words about adoption. (my wife nearly pulled this off. . . i kid, i kid).

But, I think I'll mainly let other folks speak this week, so as to not be over-bearing. Here's John Piper's wife talking about their journey to adoption. (and a great look at the fact that John Piper has had some not-so-great moments. . . . .for all of you who think I claim that Piper hung the moon). This is a really honest series of posts from Noel that should encourage all of the praying wives out there.

A multi-part blog about adoption

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Jody Britton said...

Nearly ?? Whatever. I DID pull it off.