Friday, February 19, 2010


So, Denver folks. . check out Altitude t.v. today and watch the replay of last night's game. In the grand tradition of Bird vs. Magic, Wilt vs. Russel, and Jordan vs. everyone. . . this was an amazing 1 on 1 matchup that took place in the middle of a basketball game :)

Check out these numbers:

Carmelo 40 pts. 6 rebs. 7 assts. 1 stl. 2 blocks.

LeBron 43 pts. 13 rebs. 15 assts. 2 stls. 4 blocks.

Oh yeah: That's the first time in NBA history that anyone has had 42, 13, 15, 2, and 4. LeBron set a new mark.

Oh yeah: Carmelo hit the game winner in LeBron's face (they guarded each other near the end of regulation and overtime). LeBron missed his game winner, by about 1 inch.

All around amazing game. The Nuggets are taking this thing, I'm telling you.

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