Tuesday, April 13, 2010


There hasn't been a sports event more hyped than this year's Masters. It was a fascinating weekend. . .many story lines. . probably about 3 blogs :) .

But, I want to give props to Phil Mickelson for having his priorities straight. As you know, Phil won the Masters going away. . .hit a ridiculous shot on the 13th hole on Sunday. . . finished up strong.

At the end of the tournament, Phil's cancer-stricken wife, Amy, was on hand to give a congratulatory hug. Phil broke down. . . here's why:

Phil didn't know if she would be able to come down to Georgia due to her weakened state. On Tuesday, he still wasn't sure. Amy showed up Tuesday night and spent the week in their rented house (or hotel perhaps, . . not sure). Phil was going home from playing golf on Wednesday-Saturday night, being a good dad, and helping to take care of Amy. Reports were that he was playing video games with his kids, spending the nights just hanging with the fam.

A reminder: Phil was PLAYING THE MASTERS, only the most prestigious golf tournament in the world. And, he wasn't leading the tournament until near the end.

Here's the kicker, on Saturday night, Phil's daughter was out roller skating. She fell and broke her arm. Guess who took her to the ER. That's right, Phil Mickelson took his daughter to the ER on Saturday night of the Masters, . .until 10 p.m. the night before he had to go out and win the biggest tournament of his life. His wife is sick. His mom also battled with cancer this year. His daughter needed to go to the hospital. He was there, . . . . He saved the day. . . .He was dad.

And, he happened to go out and win the stupid tournament on Sunday.


laughsquietly said...

Well put. Perspective on what's important always leads the way!

Andy said...

Gotta love Leftie.

That's an athlete to root for.