Tuesday, February 15, 2011


So, it appears that I gave up on the Grammys a year too soon. Wow, they had awesome performances this year! I couldn't think of a real clunker from the ones that I've seen online. Everyone stepped up, sang well, didn't blame their monitors, added some flair, enjoyed the mash-ups (although sometimes forced), and rocked out.

My favorite would have to be Mumford & Sons, the Avett Brothers and Bob Dylan. Seriously, how much courage does Dylan have to have these days to walk out there and rasp his way through things? It's pretty compelling to watch that ending jam on "Maggie's Farm".

Yes, you should wait until you have an entire 8 minutes to watch grown men bang on their pianos, guitars, banjos, and apparently, their vocal cords. Here's one for no finesse, no control, smashing, real, authentic music. Don't skip the end!

(the eminem performance was similar. . .seems like the Grammy's grew a heart this year. . who knew? )


Andy said...

that was pretty rad.

Publican_Chest said...

Agreed. Thought this was the best grammy show in a long time.