Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Dash of Humility

It's funny I know. . . an old guy with enormous ears proclaims the end of the World. However, I'm not going to any parties tonight, or mocking these sincere folks who are misguided.

The bible is not a code to be cracked. . . Mr. Camping is a false teacher. . . if Jesus returns tonight it won't be because Mr. Camping was right about anything.

But, let's be a little humble and gracious towards these folks. Clear-minded? yes. But, let's let the comedians have a go at Mr. Camping. As Christians, let's pray and be kind to these folks.

I think the tone of this piece from Prof. Michael Horton is a good model for us.

I hope Jesus comes tonight. . . . if He doesn't, let's be humble and pray for all those who were deceived, their dissallusionment, and their return to Christ.


BMer916 said...

i see what you're saying, and i do feel awful for Howards followers, especially the young kids and stuff.

But a chance a rapture humor doesn't come around too often.

aaron said...

Sure. . it's funny. I think it is too. But, the rapture isn't a joke and these folks' lives aren't either. I just want some balance.