Friday, May 16, 2008

album recommendation for parents

Hi all,

I thought I would make an album recommendation for all of us who have small children.

"Station Wagon" from Sara Groves is truly an amazing work of art. In the Old Testament, it was said that when David played his harp, he helped to soothe the soul of King Saul. (a truly remarkable thing, since Saul wanted to kill David. . . . ). As someone who has been accused of having this same gift (i don't know about that) it's hard for me to bestow this characteristic on someone else. It's just a hard one to nail down, and although appreciative of the compliment, I'm not sure folks always think that through when they say it.

But I digress. . . . . .

This album has helped to not only soothe my soul but the souls of my wife and children. Sara Groves has put out a slew of good albums ("all right here" getting first place in my book), but this album beats them all. It wasn't released in a major way (on her website), wasn't recorded at a big time studio in Nashville (in kansas city), and was not received with alot of fanfare. But, it's great for a few reasons:

1) There is a famous story from U2 where Bono asked The Edge to "put El Salvador through your amp" as they were recording "Bullet the Blue Sky" on "The Joshua Tree" album. (if you've heard that song, . . you know he did). Well, Sara Groves, more than once on this album, puts "the minivan" through her piano. She captures with texture and text the experience of having small kids, running them around, loving them, listening to them,. . and retaining energy and lucidity through it all. Far from viewing kids as a job to do, or a nuisance before you "get your life back", Groves celebrates this season of life. That's a refreshing change in pop culture.

2) Sara collaborated with Don and Lori Chaffer (of "Waterdeep fame", for you 90's Christian music freaks. Don's guitar tone is amazing and mysterious (how did he do that) as he helps to set the texture for the album as producer and lead guitarist. Lori's harmonies are great as well,. . .the whole album just sounds like we're inside someone's ( a mom's) head.

3) There are a few lullabies as is true with most "family" albums. These are good though :) , and again, they help my kids fall asleep, and cause me to take a much needed deep breath.

So, if you're a parent, do yourself a favor and check out "Station Wagon" by Sara Groves. How can you turn down an album with the blunt truthfulness (if you're a parent, you understand) of a song titled "He looks like Charles Bronson when he cries" . :)

Check it out here

God bless,

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Scott Lenger said...

I just listened to the excerpts and that is a good album.

Next to Celine Dion, crappy children's music is one of my greatest fears.

For the most part I try to avoid the genre all together.

Presently my 3 month old responds favorably to:
The Mercury Program
and her current favorite:
Talib Kweli

I'm hoping to get her hooked on Medeski, Martin, and Wood when she gets older:
Where's the music