Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I'll be bahhhhck (or: Bad Day for Wasps at 1772 Gordon)

(this post is all in good fun, and should be read accordingly :) )

So, last night a hoard of angry wasps attacked my daughter, Eden, and son, Sam around 7:30 at night. In the wasps defense, Sam and Eden ruthlessly barged into their territory and invaded their personal, wasp space.

But, it was crazy, Sam was stung 4 times under one arm, and Eden, 3 times on the hand. There were a few hours of screaming and wailing at the Britton house.

Hello? This is why I moved to the suburbs! What's with the aggressive, Africanized devil-wasps? (disclaimer, those last two sentences were jokes)

Needless to say, this kind of animal aggression will not stand at the Britton house. There is a food chain, there is a life cycle, there is dominion, and it must be respected. (apologies, Ellen Stokes)

So, Jody went to Wal-Mart and bought some "liquid wasp death" to do the job right. (I still smell it on my shoes. . . I think there's some illegal stuff in there. . . . I don't care)

I went out this morning, early, as the wasps slept and executed a perfect sneak attack with "liquid wasp death".

Oh, the glory of it all. Wasps were falling out of their hives on the ground. One, in its "not yet dead" state tried to use its remaining energy to "fly" to me and attack. The wasp made it about 3 feet and fell harmlessly out of the sky.

One wasp was still struggling from the 1/16 bottle of "liquid wasp death" that was poured into its home last night. I felt bad about that. Then I sprayed him some more.

I killed roughly 14 wasps (aaron did not realize we had such a wasp problem until today, he won't be caught unprepared again).

"Liquid wasp death" has an 8 foot spray range (roughly) and so you actually get some kick and some power in your spray as you attack. Needless to say, I felt like this:

Good times, (not for the wasps)

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BMer916 said...

it ironic the timing of this. we just put one of those wasp traps in our front tree, and noticed yours in the backyard on sunday.

the Revolution lives! we will take back our land from the wasps!