Thursday, August 14, 2008

Two links. . . and some randomness

Let's commence with the randomness:

--I threw a 6 a.m., USA basketball party for myself this morning. It was fun,. . the US got revenge on Greece, and Sam learned how to kill a spider. It was a good morning.

--I'm really hooked on the Olympics. Jody is hopelessly bored with it, so I've cut back. But, Michael Phelps is compelling television. We both non-enjoyed the men's synchronized diving. That's all I have to say about that.

--I successfully avoided a blog-fight this week. It was a step of maturity to not succumb to "keyboard-rage" simply because I fundamentally disagree with someone. I felt good about that. I'm happier when I don't blog-fight.

--On that note. . . . .art is subjective. . . deal with it.

--I think we have found the athlete in the family (no, it wasn't me :) but you knew that). Eden ran a mile and a half yesterday without sweating, and then proceeded to ride her bike the same course the next day. She enjoys it!

And off to the links. . . .

This is a really encouraging story about a former Hamas leader that has converted to Christianity. . some great quotes in here.. . . ."for 22 years Islam was my father, and the Father of Christianity told me "No, I am your father".

Be encouraged!

Here is a good post about praying with your kids and some ways to help your kids memorize important statements of faith. I thought it was really good because alot of the new, reformed, parenting stuff is rather legalistic (in my opinion) and I struggle with guilt when I read it. But, this is a grace-filled, helpful post,. . . read on parents!
(HT: Justin Taylor)


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