Friday, September 5, 2008

Let the randomness commence!

Sorry for the blog silence. . . . I was in a glass case of my own emotion for 2 weeks. . . . . .or just really busy.

Here we go:

--Politics got a little interesting, no? Obama's speech was epic, and he even had the chance to outline some specific policies. That was a great moment at Invesco Field, for him and for all of us.

Palin's speech was comparable (and nearly equally watched) and gave some much needed juice to John McCain's campaign.

For me, this decision comes down to a few simple things:

1) one of those things is NOT the war. Chances are, we will have a pull-out agreement signed before the new president is sworn into office. Neither Obama nor McCain will pull us out any sooner or later than the other.

2) Do you think John McCain will make the same LEADERSHIP mistakes of GWB? Most of GWB's policy mistakes are actually leadership mistakes (i.e. not building consensus, spinning the truth for popularity, caving to other interests). If you think McCain will do those same things (or Obama, for that matter) than you won't vote for that person. GWB, in my opinion, is a good person, well intentioned, and a "great hang" even for democrats.

I think he was poor leader, and his victories in lowering taxes (not a policy mistake) were almost negated by his caving to other interests to raise spending. Can the next president avoid this kind of thing?

3) Do you think Obama has enough experience?

I know it gets lost in the paranoia and hyperbole of campaigning (on both sides), but the fact is, he's only been a senator for 2 years, which most of the time was spend forming his presidential campaign. This should not lead to gotcha campaigning by conservatives, or lies by democrats,. . .it's a real issue that should be dealt with soberly.

Some think his lack of direction is a good idea. . . . . freshness/new direction/etc. . . . . So that's a big decision in this campaign.

4) Is McCain too old?

Again, fair question. . . and one that probably won't get asked because of political correctness.

That's some food for thought, for now. . . . I'm sure I'll have more to say as the time gets closer.


--It was nice to watch some football again last week. There's something about fall, school back in, weather, football, etc. . . that makes me really nostialgic.

--I'm really enjoying continuing production on our next album in 519. We're telling the story of the gospel on this one, . . . . all the way from our need, to His arrival, to His death and ressurection, to the songs of Heaven,. . . . .and then to the reality of "tomorrow morning". I'm excited, good sounds are coming out.

--The new Chris Tomlin album is epic! I love it how folks bash him for "more of the same", "not breaking new ground", etc. . . .

Chris Tomlin is a worship leader, not a career building musician, or even an "artist" in the sense of trying to make new and interesting things for the sake of making them new and interesting.

He's concerned about "the people" singing and folks encountering God by singing his songs. That being said, there are some new textures on this album, . . .some more orchestration/epic soundtrack kind of stuff. It's really good, check it out, the album is called "Hello Love".

--USA basketball won, but did not dominate in every game. Are the days of USA blowouts over? Well, as long as the best players from the other countries are in the NBA, I say yes. I'll stop writing about this now, but basically the reason why there is a more level playing field is because all of the other countries are coming here to learn how to play.

--That being said, there is some hype/lies/misinformation about certain "all-stars" on the US team. I won't name names now, but some of the international players who are bench warmers in the NBA are actually comparable talent-wise with some of our "stars". Basically, just don't believe everything you read, or every sports-center highlight.

Happy Fall everyone!

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