Monday, September 15, 2008

New paradigm

I highly recommend reading this series of posts by Dr. David Powlison. He confronts the current, popular understanding of psychology, and gives biblical perspective to our therapeutic times.

There are about 5 posts in all. . . I say, take some time and read all of them.

here is part 1

Part 2 and 3 can be found at the bottom of part 1.

And here is a clarification regarding some questions from readers.

Here are some new posts called "The therapeutic gospel"

(HT: Justin Taylor)



Scott said...

I think the author created his four "problems" to prove his own argument. I think there are quite a few areas within the field of psychology that would challenge the arguments he makes.

And isn't he essentially doing the same thing Benny Hinn does? That if you have enough faith God will heal you? (the only difference being psychological rather than physical healing?) Or did I miss something?

aaron said...


I've read some other stuff by David Powlison, and I doubt that what you say is the case with him.

I think the overarching point is. . . . medicine can help with the symptoms, and can be part of a solution.

The problem currently, is that we're just throwing medicine at everything. We pretty much ignore the spiritual problems at play in alot of mental illnesses.

Powlison isn't into faith healing or any of that. He is into healing through redemptive community and Christian life-sharing that might be supplemented through medicine.

I'm not sure you'd find any physicians that claim their medicines do anything except treat the symptoms and/or help chemically what is often not JUST a chemical problem.