Thursday, October 16, 2008

Election prediction

Hi all,

Well, it's been a while since I posted. But, after last night, I thought I would go ahead and make a prediction on this presidential campaign. The campaign is actually one of the reasons I haven't posted very often recently. I'm finding this year's race to be especially divisive, passionate, and contrasted. I find myself at odds with alot of people I feel close to, and thus have decided just to keep quiet instead of causing strife in various relationships.

So, when I've felt passionately about something over the last few weeks, I've usually just not said anything because it seems like folks really don't want to give any ground or credit to the party they disagree with. This is hard for me, (I have kind of a "devil's advocate" personality) because I like to show how both sides have a point, and I don't think we're being honest if we can't find something we dislike in our candidate or like in another. . . . . I think Barack Obama has tried to bring this ethic into the campaign at times, but, as a country, unfortunately we're not ready for nuanced debate like that, yet. Actually, forget Obama's nuanced debate. . . we're not ready for honesty in this country like that, because we feel such a need to deify our candidate and be right in our views that we ignore the good and bad that is at work in both parties, and both candidates. God help us.

There are fields where a healthy dose of certainty, and even dogmatism is appropriate and healthy,. . .theology comes to mind. . . . . but, let's be honest in saying that politics is not such an arena, if for no other reason than the party you passionately agree with has actually changed their views, operations, and platform based on focus groups, polling, and "how can we get as many votes and as much power as possible". They're not looking out for you in any kind of a "pure" way, they're searching for power. Ironically enough, this kind of dogmatism and pompous arrogance characterizes the majority of all politics in America today and the very attitude that isn't appropriate for this arena.. . . . . dominates it.

But, I digress. . . . . . .

I find myself, this year, agreeing with John McCain on almost all substantive policy decisions. My wife and I are a little concerned about his health care plan,. . . . but again, let's be honest. . . we have not had a president in the last 20 years actually inact a comprehensive health care plan. They've all tried :) the health care lobby is powerful in Washington, and any reform that is passed will be a compromise of some sort. So, we shouldn't get too hung up on the nuance of a proposal like that, which will undoubtedly be changed and tweaked, should it come up for debate in the next 4 years.

But, on fiscal issues, moral issues, leadership issues, etc. . . I find myself aligning with McCain this year. I'll vote based on that.

I don't think, however, that McCain will win. One of the commentators last night, after the debate, said rhetorically "Do Americans really want to see this man on their t.v.'s for the next 4 years?" (speaking of McCain). This is a powerful question, and one that I think many Americans will vote "no" on. :)

John McCain is just not very likeable on camera, and in his zeal to show his plans to the American people, he looks stiff, eager, and at times, desperate.

Barack Obama is the coolest customer we've seen in a while. In fact, I'm interested to see him flustered. His method of dealing with awkwardness, or attack/disagreements is to interrupt the attacker and talk long enough that the room settles down and everyone knows that he's got it under control. I've seen him do this many times before last night,. . . but last night was classic as well. It's genius really, and I'm sure many Americans are ready, again, for an eloquent president. I think he'll win.

I find Barack Obama to be an earnest man, with high ideals. I think he is well intentioned, well though out, and well-spoken.

So, there's the prediction. I'll be in prayer and hope that if Obama wins, all of our good work as Christians on the abortion issue will not be undone by passing a barbaric law, such as the Freedom of Choice Act. (it is a misnomer, and a complete lie that nothing has been done on Abortion in the last 8 years). That's probably my largest concern about a potential Obama presidency.

I hope we can still be friends, and I look forward to talking about other things, like the NBA, or music, or theology. . . . . . . . :)

Nov. 4th, come quickly,


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Elizabeth Norton said...

Right on!!!! Thanks for having the "guts" to share!!! Love the blog!