Friday, October 3, 2008


I must admit, I've been taking alot of humorous satisfaction from the band, "Staind".

If you don't remember them, they had a really slow, hit song a few years ago. . . .something about "I"m on the outside, . . . . see your true colors", etc. . . Fred Durst "sang" guest vocals.

Anyway, they were always really heavy, thoughtful, depressed, etc. . . With a first album, you assume that the marketing is authentic (maybe I shouldn't , but I do).

But, now that they have a new album out, its really just too funny. :) Their new video has the lead singer walking along the beach. . . . in slow motion (really slow motion). I would challenge anyone to name me a "staind" song that is faster than 88 bpm. (if you're not a musician. . that's kind of slow for a rock band :) )

To cap off my enjoyment, the new record is named "The illusion of progress" (ha ha, I laugh as I type). This follows releases like "Break the cycle" and "disturbed".

talk about the marketing of sadness. . . . . .

It's like "Come buy my album, I'M UNBELIEVABLY DEPRESSED!!". "You have no idea how depressed I am!!"

I don't know why, but I find all of this very funny.


BMer916 said...

why are you watching Staind music videos? that's depressing!

aaron said...

the kids got me up, and it was on
VH1 at 4 am. :)