Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Links of the week

I'm suffering from a little "input overload", so instead of writing an enourmous, annoying blog (hmm, hasn't stopped me before). I will send out a few links, showing what I"m thinking about this week.

1. Obama's passing of the stem cell bill: Here are three links that show what a political, fact killing, intelligence insulting law this is. It's not even all on Obama, this has been a red herring for sometime, and it's tragic that we continue to tolerate this fact-lessness from our leaders. With that cheery intro, enjoy!!! :)

here, here, and here

2. A good post about fundraising for adoption. . . especially if you're thinking about adopting! (which I highly recommend, Malachi called me dad the other day. . . .good times)


3. And, a really though-provoking post from a guy who is a Christian that struggles with same-sex desires. I found the end of this article really challenging.


HT's: Justin Taylor

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