Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mark Driscoll on "state and national" theological boundaries.

Good Stuff. We really need to learn charity and a celebration of our differences, theologically, in evangelicalism. The problem is when we lose sight of the essentials and water down biblical truth. That's when we've gone too far. But, this good word from Mark is the balance for that.



Publican_Chest said...

I like his thoughts. I am glad Time magazine has taken notice of the movement.

I am curious who he has in mind with the "old calvinists" tag? I haven't really met anyone that fits his description. Made me curious.

Kent said...

Have you seen the Mark Driscoll Sermon Archive from Logos Bible Software? I thought you might be interested:

Mark Driscoll Sermon Archive

aaron said...


Hmm, Yeah, I think when he says "old", he means really old like the early part of the last century. Most of the folks that fit his description in our day were not Calvinists.

Kent, haven't been able to afford Logos yet, but I heard about the Driscoll archive on there. Thanks for the link.


Trevor said...
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