Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Paris Jackson

I feel a little funny suggesting that you check out some music. . . . from a funeral. But, suffice it to say, that was a masterpiece today during Michael Jackson's funeral. My Favorites: Usher, Jennifer Hudson, Mariah Carey/Trey Lorenz. . . .and John Mayer, oh my goodness. That's the coolest version of Human Nature I've ever heard. That dude could play the 1812 overture on guitar and it would be cool. But, it was very haunting, him playing that song solo. . . .and way, way cool.

But, then something happened. . . sad, terrifying, and heart wrenching all at the same time.

Michael's daughter, Paris got up to speak. And, then I saw it. That classic face, the face the whole world knew, the face he tried so hard to destroy (and succeeded), the face that shone forth innocence, love, the human spirit, the face we hadn't seen for 25 years or so, hidden behind his "masks". . . was all right there in his daughter.

She said, while crying, "He was the greatest daddy, I love him so much". And, then I lost it, as Aunt Janet held her, weeping.

Why did that affect me? I feel so sad for her and her brothers. Their dad was a tragic figure, but the face he tried to destroy lives on in them. I also felt her pure emotion in that moment. I hope that my daughters say the same thing of me one day. She was able to find the emotion for her father that he could never find from anyone else or from himself, or from God.

There was much to mourn at this funeral. . the humanism, the tragic figure, the lack of a Gospel rescue in his life.

There was music to celebrate. And, in the face of a beautiful, little girl there was hope, hope that she finds her Father, hope that she can learn to love the face He, and he gave her, and hope for healing for her pain.

Seriously, check out Fox News or CNN where you can see clips from the funeral. Amazing music, amazing daughter. Sad. . . hopeful.


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