Friday, January 22, 2010

A National Embarassment; a Historical Tragedy pt. 2

Now for something with a little more vigor and emotion. Here are two posts from Kevin DeYoung about:

a) various state fetal homicide laws (you know. . .the laws that make Roe vs. Wade look ridiculous. . . which it is)

b) the exodus of workers from the abortion industry (inside Rev. DeYoung's article is a link to the entire article from The Weekly Standard. . . . .it's heartbreaking, but really good. . . .it's worth a read.)

Lord, I pray that we would reject insanity, inane laws, judicial inconsistency, and barbarism and do what is right as a country. Though I don't expect the USA to become a Christian nation, nor would that please You, . . .I ask that we could make right what has gone very wrong on this issue, even step by step as Dr. Forsythe so wisely says. I pray for all Americans to see Abortion as a non-political, non-medical issue, but as a moral issue so that we can see clearly our error. And Lord, for those that have had abortions or who have participated in the abortion industry, may you pursue them with Your grace, Your healing, and Your truth. Amen.

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