Monday, March 1, 2010

Lakers vs. Nuggets

The most popular feature of this blog. . . nuggets talk:

Well, that was a tough loss yesterday. . . we'll go good news/bad news:

The Good News:

Still not scared of the Lakers. Carmelo had 8 turnovers and played terrible. We didn't have Ty Lawson in the 2nd half, who kills the Lakers. Lamar Odom played out of his mind and had a 20-10. The refs let Ron Artest play football whilst the other 9 players played basketball. And still. . . .
This game was tied up with 3 minutes left. The Nuggets had their chances and blew it.

The Bad News:

Kobe also played terrible (although forced into it by Aaron Afflalo's clutch D!), it seemed like Ron Artest got in Carmelo's head a little throughout the 2nd half. The Ref's let this happen, but Carmelo has to be better than that, and has to pull out of it and find his teammates. . . . like Kobe did. I think Carmelo has to prove he can play a better mental game next time. That part did not bode well for the playoffs.

The Good News:

Our bigs are no longer intimidated by the Lakers'. First off, Nene owns Bynum. . .that's right, owns him. The Lakers should start Odom against the Nuggets because Bynum wants no part of Kmart or Nene. Birdman also played respectable and Gasol did not have his way with anyone. (by the way, that Gasol quote has to be the lamest post-game quote in history "The nuggets talk too much. . .way too much"--Paul Gasol. Ummm, that's because we've owned you guys this year so far.

I think I like Gasol less than Kobe, way less. His gives no respect to Kenyon Martin who's out there hurt and outplaying him. (oh yeah, Kmart only shot 2-9 though. . .that hurt us)

The Best News:

The next Nuggets/Lakers game will be an absolute (barring injury) grudge match on April 8th, and I have tickets. Bring it, Gasol!!!


Publican_Chest said...

Afflalo looks really good. Is he new this year? I don't remember him from last year.

aaron said...

Yeah, we basically traded Dahntay (cheap shot artist) Jones for Afflalo. He's gold.

But, we're in a slump right now, we need to get back on track before April 8th.