Saturday, August 7, 2010

Linkage Randomness

There's been some fantastic stuff on the interwebs these days. . . I offer:

--Here are some very interesting thoughts
on the Gay Marriage debate and the difference between civil and religious marriage.

I'm squarely on the fence on this one :) I agree that we need to make more out of religious weddings so as to set them apart from civil agreements. I also agree that all peoples regardless of sexual orientation should have the same rights (not necessarily "marriage" but the financial and tax breaks, etc. . .). I also am in favor of protecting the word, and institution of; Marriage. Because of our family's journey with adoption and continuing ministry therein, I also shudder to think of the relaxed adoption laws that would accompany non-descript, anything goes, civil marriage law in this country.

Tough to land on. . . . I'm working through it . . . I'd love to hear your thoughts on this article.

--Here are a series of posts from Jared Wilson about the (hopefully) demise of the performance dominated worship services. I've been a part of these churches, I've planned the services. . . (we never did bike-jump the Pastor, though :) ) bought the t-shirt, etc. . .

But, this was very convicting, and yet calming for me. The evidence is on the table, these kinds of gatherings are not helping the furtherance of Christ's church. If we're doing the Billy Graham Crusade, . . .fantastic. . .call it a crusade, not a church. Take a few minutes and read these posts . . excellent thoughts.

here (I remember when we passed this book out in 1998)

--I just finished an 11 day detox. Over the last 11 days I lost 13 + pounds and a few inches. As well, over the course of the last 90 days, my cholesterol has dropped 30 points, my triglycerides are now "normal" as well. (If you'd like a brief Aaron Britton health history, message me. . . . but it's way too boring and depressing for a blog post :) )

Thanks be to God for a health-improving summer! And, thanks to Amy and Greg Nunamaker for hooking us up with the program.

If you have 9 days or so where you could go with eating alot less and taking it easy (the detox is not easy. . . . fairly brutal) check out Isagenix. Don't mess with the MLM scammery, just follow the directions and it's pretty simple. Isagenix provides your body with all the nutrients it needs without most :) of the calories, it's pretty simple math. I'm grateful to Jody (who lost a few pounds herself) for helping me through it, and to our kids for dealing with a couch-ridden dad for a few days.

My body needed to lose the weight, and I feel pretty refreshed and ready to go back to work next week. Thanks Isagenix! (hopefully I'll get paid for this advertisement)

--Good thoughts on social media and the church

--Better thoughts from Mark Altrogge on social media balance

--Two great links on community and how we screw it up in America. :) here and here


BMer916 said...

this marriage one is a tough one. from now on i will say that Kassie and i are "agape love in family oneness"

aaron said...

Yeah, it is tough. I think we should do some work to deliniate between sacred and state marriages. But, if we do that (which we should) we start to make the case for gay marriage which then brings in all of the adoption, new word, weirdness.

I thought alot of those pastors had good things to say in the article.