Monday, August 2, 2010

Sabbatical Thoughts

Well, the summer sabbatical is almost at an end. I will end things up next week where it all started for me, with Louie Giglio and Chris Tomlin in Atlanta. Those guys really got me started with leading worship (from afar) and now lead a church, (Passion City Church) in Atlanta.

It's been a really educational and eye-opening summer. There's alot to unpack. Is anyone interested in my thoughts on Church, after visiting many? Does anyone care to hear family thoughts after spending so much time at home? See, I just get the feeling that not many are reading this blog and so I could just talk to all of you if you wanted to hear about various things. No need writing pages and pages of blogs about a whole summer unless there's enough interest to warrant conversations impossible. I'll wait to hear from ya'll.



Jeff said...
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Jeff said...

Welcome back - almost.

Of course I'm interested! But maybe I'll step out of my box and say... You should tell me about it over coffee, breakfast or lunch. I'd love to hear all about (and talk about the Anne Rice post :-) ).

aaron said...


coffee, or lunch. . .I"m in. Definitely not enough interest in the blog to post pages. . . .


Michelle E said...

Just FYI, I read... unless it's about basketball :) I got to hear Jody's take on the summer... lots to think about. Can't wait to hear more... AND about Atlanta, over pizza and screaming kids in the pool :)