Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bruce, circa 1975

So, the story goes that Jimmy Fallon asked Bruce Springsteen to be a part of a skit while Bruce was performing on his show last week. Bruce was hesitant at first, but decided to be a part of it, (and decided to dress up like himself 30 years ago).

I guess Bruce's manager was in tears once he saw him, and Bruce's people couldn't believe how real it all looked,

3 great things about this clip:

1) Jimmy Fallon nails Neil Young. . .absolutely nails it. hilarious.

2) This song is the most absurd thing ever. I youtubed the original version, it's some techno thing. yikes.

3) Is there anyone else quite like Bruce, where if your eyes were closed, you would know who was singing in about .2 seconds? I don't think so. What an awesome voice. And yes, that outfit is an exact replica of himself, circa 1975. (i guess he still had the sunglasses . . they just had to find a wig)

enjoy! music geek out.


Trevor said...

Very Funny.

Fallon was always great at impressions. But it hardly got used on SNL as far as I can remember.

BMer916 said...

that was awesome, thanks for posting that!