Friday, November 5, 2010

Email Correction

I'm loving the Gospel Coalition "round table" discussions they've been putting out in preparation for the conference next Spring.

This is a really good discussion between CJ Mahaney and James McDonald about correcting someone through email. After you watch it, I have some thoughts:

I like this video a lot. The only thing I wished they would've asked/answered is a situation where there is no "face to face" way to communicate (the person does not live near you) and what if the emotions are so strong that it might be better to not see the person while having the conversation.

I guess the answer to my second question would be to wait until you cool off enough (if possible) to have that conversation. What do you guys think?

I've made more email errors than anyone else I know. I'm the chief of sinners in this area. I'm trying to figure it out. This was a great video for me.


Jeff said...

Good post - definitely something for me to look at as well.

I guess on the long distance thing - how about a phone call?

aaron said...


yeah, I know that's the obvious answer. I find myself being misunderstood or really nervous on the phone as well. I think phone is definitely preferable to email, though, for sure.

A big issue for me is patience, too. Like I might just need to wait until I can actually see a person, which could take days or weeks. . . . Sometimes time will filter the important things from the things that could be better unsaid.

I'm trying to balance patience and discernment of that kind with the need (and huge lack) for us to be speaking the truth to each other. "Things left unsaid" is a pretty big problem in the church too.