Thursday, June 9, 2011

Jared Hits Home Runs

I linked to a piece by blog-favorite, Jared Wilson, in the post on Congressman Weiner.

I'm not even sure what to do with this. . . except to say that it's absolutely true, and it's one of the biggest struggles I've had as I've grown older. I also am in the process of doing pre-marital counseling for 3 couples and have no idea how to even bring this up. (or "warn" them??. . what would that even mean?). All I know is, this is coming for everyone who is married, and it's important that we deal with it in the way Jared talks about it. It will actually lead to greater joy, intimacy, and understanding in our marriages. Jared's a smart guy.

(Disclaimers: This is a risky post. . . and could be easily misunderstood. . . if this post makes you mad, let's talk. Jared links to a blog debate that is talking about female body image in marriage. . and I'm not trying to make a comment on that here in this post. What hit me was the concept of "change" in a more general way. . .Also, if you read his piece, one example of marital conflict he gives is when a wife changes in the amount of kids she wants. . .you should know this has nothing to do with Jody and I, and I'm fully on board with the size of our family)

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