Thursday, June 2, 2011


I really will get back into this blogging thing one day. . . .really I will. It's been kind of a crazy time for the Brittons. Those of you who follow my wife's blog know most of what's going on. In addition to getting wrecked every time I see pictures of my new daughter, I've been going through some pretty painful shoulder re-hab that doesn't involve very much sleep. This makes it tough for me to write (songs or prose). I'm kind of in a daze most of the day. Also, I've been doing alot of counseling with folks lately and journeying towards marriage with 3 couples (their marriage, not mine. . . I digress).

All that to say. . . I apologize. It will come around again, and I'll have pithy things to say that will cause great enjoyment to come to all 6 of you.

For today, a little video tribute to my favorite NBA player, Shaq. There was no one like Shaq, and there will never be anyone like Shaq. He is one of the top 10 players of all time. . . but no one thinks so because he doesn't have the numbers, and he definitely did not keep himself in shape the last 4 years of his career when things were winding down.

The last time I checked, the NBA was not a fitness contest, nor a math contest. Ask any coach in the last 19 years who was the hardest person to game plan for. . . . . you will get one answer, Shaq. Look up his numbers from the playoffs here from the Lakers 3 peat from 2000-2003. Unreal. Ask any player who was the MVP in the NBA from 1998 (Jordan's retirement) until 2008. The answer: Shaq. When you played the Lakers or Heat (and at some level, the Suns), you had to place your whole gameplan around Shaq. His body couldn't stand up anymore under the abuse he took. (Shaq took some of the hardest, most consistent fouls of any player, ever. . and only responded once, . . here "Look out Brad Miller"!!!) Injuries finally got to him. But, Shaq is underrated. I challenge anyone to find a 7'2 inch man that weighs 330 pounds and see if that man can even run down the court twice. Shaq did it for 19 years, and was a freakish athlete.

Ok, I'm done. Enjoy these hilarious videos. More than anything, Shaq was a large child who enjoyed himself while playing.

Epic Quotes:

This is hilarious. He doesn't care about the censors, and Shaq always let Craig Sager have it for his suit.

Wouldn't be complete with a vintage Shawn Bradley facial:

Michael and Scotty? :

What? Only young Shaq could lead the fast break? I give you '09 Shaq. . blocking the shot and running the show. Again, show me anyone else who's 7'2 who can run this far:

Thanks for the good times Shaq. Enjoy fighting crime and being "the greatest in the universe"


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ha! jeff - i was just coming to say the same thing .... but i think it's actually 2 readers.... ;)