Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Some good stuff on the interwebs today. . .

1) I love and respect many who home school their kids. Hey, I was homeschooled for a while. But, this article shows many of the reasons I choose not to do so with my kids. This is an amazing article of wisdom for all parents, though, . .and even though it's super long, print it out and take 10 minutes to read it. It's that good. Here's a quote to get you started.

I am convinced that the most contagious parenting is living a heartfelt faith before your children.

Lots of wisdom for parents making all kinds of choices.

2) Pastor Mark Driscoll has finally launched his own site so that you have access to tons of sermons, articles, and interviews all in one site. I know Pastor Mark is a lightning rod of controversy, . . in fact that's part of the reason why they launched this site. . . so he can fully flesh out his thoughts, and not do dumb tweets and offensive blogs that other folks can do what they want with. People will be linking to his website now, and that should give some context to what he says. I think anyone would be helped by this site,. . . even if Pastor Mark is not your cup of tea. And, if you're wondering who the lovely woman is who has to put up with Mark. . . Grace Driscoll writes here too. . . an invaluable resource for the ladies. Check out her first piece on identity. Awesome.

3) If you ever went through the Experiencing God bible study. . I'd read this article. . . . a little negative, yes, but needed.

4) Oh Yeah, it's football season.

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Nancye said...

I really enjoyed these links today, Aaron. Thanks for blogging.