Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Losing the Battle and Winning the War

Well, we have a big change of plans with our trip to Uganda. It's been very discouraging . . .it's frustrating, and kind of exhausting, really.

Alot of people are trying to be kind and caring, and I so appreciate that. However, between some of those folks and the battles going on inside my own head, there's been some poor theology thrown around.

Now, I'm not ungrateful for caring people trying to help and getting some theological points wrong. I'm really not. . I hate the tendency to attack the care-giver in times like this when folks are really just trying to be nice.

But, one thing that I've noticed in American christianity, . . and in my own inner-monologue. . .is that we have a big problem with (enter guiding metaphor) God "losing" some battles while still winning the war. We don't have good categories for disappointment, or for plans not going like we think they obviously should. I am a big schedule guy, and so I raise my hand here.

When we're praying for details like "Let this phone call happen, . . . Help this package to go through. . help this schedule to get worked out". . . when those things are part of a larger issue like "help this adoption to be completed". . . we have to be prepared for the fact that God might have a different plan for how to "win the war" (i.e. complete the adoption) that involve different details (i.e. "losing" some battles)

It may sometimes seem like the enemy is "winning" while all of our details are getting fouled up. But, don't get it twisted. .God is working is plan out. God is at the wheel. God is currently kicking the enemy's butt all over Africa. The war is over. . it's won.

To stretch the metaphor towards football. This weekend was the classic cupcake Saturday in College Football. For instance, Ohio State played mighty Akron University. This game wasn't close. . . OSU dominated. There wasn't ever any doubt. Did Akron get some first downs? yes. Did they make a few tackles? yes. Did anyone for a second think they were winning? no.

In the same way. . the enemy got some first downs this week when all of our details got messed up. But, don't think for a second that God's sovereign will for our soon-to-be daughter's life can be thwarted. . . it can't. This game is OVER. And, God wasn't nervous. It didn't make SportsCenter.

Now, we shouldn't avoid praying for details. . we shouldn't be fatalists. But, let's just remember that God is working these things out in the ways that will be best. Romans 8:28 is not a cliche. It's the truth.

So, Let's remember

Isaiah 14:24

24The LORD of hosts has sworn: "As I have planned,
so shall it be,
and as I have purposed,
so shall it stand,

Psalm 115:3
Our God is in the heavens; he does all that he pleases

It's true. The will of God is irresistible. His will will be accomplished in her life and in yours. Let's submit to Him, and get ok with "losing" (he never loses. . part of the plan. .and it helps with my metaphor) some battles while God is winning the War.

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