Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cautionary Tale

Ok, so I'm one of the last nerds to continue following American Idol. If you want to judge, that's fine. . . it's one of the few shows I can watch with my kids, so we enjoy it each week.

It's good to use whatever opportunities you have, as a parent, for teachable moments. Tonight's American Idol featured some of the worst behavior by females that I've seen since High School. I decided to use this opportunity to talk to the girls about how we treat each other. "Those girls weren't being nice to each other huh?". . ."What happened to them?"

Provi and Eden: "They didn't make it through to the next round!".

Well, perhaps not the most profound lesson was learned :) but, we did talk about being kind to each other and speaking nicely.
Sometimes we should reject what culture has for us, sometimes should accept it,. . .and sometimes, like tonight, we should seek to redeem culture for the sake of the Kingdom, or in this case, parenting.



BMer916 said...

i like the 2 dudes that roomed together, one's a bartender and the other's wife died. they have strong cool voices. you have any early favorites?

oh, and i like the Indian dude, Anoop or whatever

Aaron said...

Yeah, I can't believe no one was upset about those two guys. They were friends at the auditions, and I think they had been in groups before. That acapella group they had could've been signed right now, forget the show! That was ridiculously good.

I think the white guy there is my favorite. . they haven't shown alot of singing this week, I feel like. So, some of the folks I liked in the prelims, I haven't seen again. The guys we're talking about will definitely be around for a while.

I bet those girls' fathers were sad last night,. . I would've been, that was disgusting.


Jeff said...

the group singing the jackson 5 song right at the top of the show was awesome.

then the group singing queen was pretty hot too!

i'll stand with you as the second to last nerd who still watches idol.

my girls and i watch it every week together as a father daughter thing. it's a cool time together!

Michelle E said...

Hey, we're not nerds!! We even vote at our house... and write comments in my notebook next to the person's voting number so we can look back and see their progress. OK... maybe I AM a nerd :o)

We don't share our AI time with the kids yet. But Sophie would've been the first to point out that those girls were NOT using "warm & fuzzy" words!