Friday, February 13, 2009

Steroids and the universal human knowledge of sin

Is anyone else sick of hearing about steriods?

Well, I am, and I"m not. . . .at the same time. I feel like Baseball should probably just shut down for a while, or perhaps actually release records/tests/concealed docs. . .from the last 7-8 years so that everything's on the table. So, in that sense, its still compelling to me. . . how deep does the rabbit hole go?

Its interesting how this has brought out the universal judge in all of us. Even the sportwriters who are known for hyperbole, false dichotomies, and overstatement, suddenly want to know the WHOLE TRUTH about steriods. Everyone is disgusted with the half-truths, the admissions of wrongdoing without details, the "not wanting to talk about the past". Even A-Rod's admission was devoid of some authenticity. Even if he doesn't remember exactly what he took (which, I actually believe. . . )a true apology means he goes back and finds out what he took so that he can apologize appropriately.

Why all the uproar? Why the judging? Why the handwringing? Why the "I don't know if I'll ever go back to the ballpark again!"

Because we know something is wrong here. . .we understand cheating. We feel like we were had, like the truth was kept from us, while folks made money off of us.

We understand Sin at some level. Especially when others are committing them. :) We have a conscience. Suddenly the relativists and the "anything goes" crowd are hardly heard from. We know something is wrong.

We know.

We know.

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