Monday, February 23, 2009

Mobile, Hostile, Versatile

Hi all,

Malachi started walking recently, and so we finally tried to get it on tape. He's a bit shrewd as to when he'll actually begin to walk :). With the "encouragement" from Provi, and the bribe of a Lego from Eden, how could he resist?. I also like how he tries to reach the lego without walking. Apparently, he thinks he is very tall and can lean over, grunt, and reach it from 5 feet away. :)

and, here's one of him taking off a bit too fast. . .(and his mom laughing at him in the background :) )

ps. If anyone knows anything about the Canon 950, It seems a bit blurry to me during videos now. Pictures still look great, but not videos. I don't know if I need more space on my card or what?

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