Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sin and The Suburbs

I heard a message by Matt Chandler on Monday that completely floored me. He's talking about the Problem of Sin, which unfortunately, doesn't get talked about alot at churches anymore. So, that was refreshing. Mostly, though, it was his prophetic word about the suburbs that affected me. I've tried for a long time to come up with the words for how I feel about Idolizing our children/life stage/schedule. . .and he nails it here. I'm posting the last 9 or 1o minutes of his sermon here. . . .it's very good if you have time to go to and listen to it (45 min.). This is a great word for all parents, and for all those who are trying to balance local church service/bible study/etc. . .with a busy family schedule. It's a hard word for us, but sometimes that's the best medicine.

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