Thursday, April 23, 2009

Two NBA posts

Two NBA posts for the few fans still left:

1) The Nuggets are looking very, very good. And, there is no doubt that we're better than we were last year. But, I would submit this. The Hornets are a mess, and last years' Nuggets team would have beaten them as well. That's right, we would've won this series last year. Allen Iverson is getting a bad rap in the press. We had a pretty good team for two years, and we won 50 games last year (only 4 less than this year). Last year, we faced the Lakers in the 1st round. . . we of course, got killed in that series. I would submit, that we would get beat by the Lakers this year in the 1st round as well. (we may still see them in the conference finals, and will probably get beat.)

That's right, I said we'd lose this year in the first round if we faced the Lakers, . . and last years' team would have made it out of the first round, had we played the Hornets. Don't believe everything you read.

2) Game 2's. . . . so important. The Bulls, Mavs, and Rockets made a huge mistake this weekend. If you win game 1 (especially on the road), you need to win game 2 as well, or else your "huge upset" doesn't even matter. What's worse is when you don't even show up for game 2 (see: Mavericks, Dallas). You have to put the team totally against the wall (like the nuggets did). All 3 of these teams may now lose the series, when they were in control just a few days ago, I've seen it happen too often.


Publican_Chest said...

Agree about the Nuggets. Billups is out of his mind. People forget he was the finals MVP when the Pistons upset the Lakers in the finals.

The key is defense. I think they are playing good D against NO, but I am having trouble delineating good D by the Nuggets from poor offense by NO. Can they D up the Lakers front court? That will be interesting to see. I do think the Nuggets will give the Lakers a series if they meet up.

I still think Lakers and Cavs in the finals. But I can't pick on who wins that one. It will go 7 games.

For now I am hoping the Celts pull it out against the Bulls.

aaron said...

Yeah, Billups is insane . . .

I just don't think anyone knows how fun that team was last year, even though we were running the "Suns, no defense" system. It was great, and Iverson has the best ball skills I've ever seen. I loved that team. There is some revisionist history going on, we just hit a buzz-saw in the Lakers in the first round last year.

But, this year, we're legit,. . . getting to the Lakers is success for us. I don't think we match up well enough inside to beat them. Dahntay Jones gives Kobe problems though,. . . we do ok against him.