Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bono in the NYT

Love Obama or hate him. . . . this is a masterful piece of writing by Bono. He has an Op/Ed column now in the New York Times, and it's always great stuff.

I"m not sure I even agree with some of the propositions he makes (smile) But, he just has a way with words and flow (his musical career might have something to do with that).

To be sure, American aid, relief, and development in other countries is a larger part of our Foreign Policy than we ever gave it credit for. I agree with that absolutely. But, just enjoy a master artist at work.


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pmoffitt said...

As the best commentators are doing, Bono brings information that we, as Americans, are woefully ignorant of for love of the screaming nasty graceless idealogical fanfare that passes for news if one doesn't take the time to dig a little deeper.
We should all be mindfully more aware of what is really going on out there and we would, I believe, be humbled at the wisdom and intentions of this new President that we are so blessed to have.