Thursday, October 29, 2009

I always do this. . . . .

I always do this. . I always tell you "you have to listen to this" or "this is the best clip ever", etc. .

Such are the dilemmas of a chronic "over-speaker" like myself. I"m working on it, it's definitely a flaw and something I'm not proud of. I need to do a better job of using vocabulary properly and not to get a rise out of folks.

But, suffice it to say. . . . You really need to listen to this sermon from Matt Chandler. I would suggest that married couples listen to it together, and individually. And, I would suggest that single folks listen to it as well to help prepare yourself for marriage.

You see, marriage is usually the #1 way that God works in us to sanctify us and make us more like himself. There are others. . . but most married folks know that marriage is the platform where most personal change takes place. When folks are unwilling to change, repent, and sacrifice, . . marital problems will eventually happen.

Anyway. . . . Here is the message. Guys, if you don't like being yelled at, don't listen. Girls, if you don't like truth being spoken into your life, don't listen. Careful, it just might help change your marriage.

ps. I think Matt had a bit of a rough week. . . the way he goes after anonymous church comment card writers is epic. Perhaps too far,. . but epic :) I know how he feels.