Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Random Football Blog

Well, I'm sorry that the blogging has been a little light and pithy lately. Life has been too crazy, and my family needs me more than my public (especially since I don't have a public).

Now, I don't usually blog about football because passions run deep in these here parts, and I'd rather not fight with friends about football, I've been there. I'm from other places in the country not named Colorado and have thoughts that don't sit well with many Coloradoans. So, I usually keep them to myself. . today I have a few thoughts that are generic enough to not upset too many folks.

One other disclaimer. . . I used to be pretty obsessed with football. . . I started both ways in High School, and grew up in Maryland (Redskins) and Nebraska, which (sorry colorado folks) are two of the most passionate and dedicated fan bases anywhere. I have breathed football obsession, and have tried to move on. I succeed, sometimes. (humor)

--First off. . . . .does anyone run the football anymore? And, no, I don't mean setting up in the shotgun and turning to your right to hand the ball off. And, no, I don't mean everyone running left in some lame zone blocking play. I"m talking about two tight ends, a fullback that weighs more than 220, a pulling guard and 8 yards of chewed up grass.

There are a few teams in the pro's like Minnesota who still value running the football. But, in college there is an epidemic of teams who throw it 90% of the time. Notice the CU Buffs success from last weekend was based on the option attack that Nebraska perfected over the best 25 year run in college football history. College games are hard to watch these days with the lame spread offense.

And, last night, the Broncos put the game away by running the football (from under center). I'm not sure why more folks won't do it. A lack of patience, is my personal opinion.

Everyone needs to acquaint themselves with John Riggins and the Hogs. Or perhaps Tommy Frazier/ Scott Frost and the 1990's Huskers. Heck, even give me Barry Sanders and Emmit Smith.
(seriously. . .take some time to watch these clips. . . .except the Emmit Smith one :) )

At any rate: Run the Ball!!

--Second. The Broncos are for real. It's kind of funny because we all knew that this offense had some serious talent. What Royal, Marshall, Sheffler, Stokley, Graham, etc. . . needed was a quarterback who would get out of the way and let them do their thing. Enter, Kyle Orton. My favorite Kyle Orton stat is how many balls he throws away. Instead of a sack or interception,. . my man throws it like 30 yards out of bounds. Awesome.

Cutler took too many risks (which you would need to do with a team with less talent). And, I was wrong about McDaniels, he even seems to not have such a huge ego lately. What a brutal off-season, . . but he seems like a pretty affable guy, and he graduated from H.S. the year before I did!

I think we'll see how tough they are against the Ravens. . that will be an interesting game that could show how far the Broncs go in the playoffs.

--Third . . . the NFL (and all sports, by the way) need dominant teams. There are two many teams just collecting their checks from the fans (and the league/conference) and not caring enough to put the best product out there. In college, the scholarship limits imposed in the late 1990's have really hurt the game. The weekly crapshoot that happens each weekend with no dominant teams hurts everyone.

Don't believe the hype, parity is BAD. The teams that aren't doing well need to shoot for excellence by being pushed to become better. Not by being placated by money (in the NFL) or by running some fly-by-night crazy offense (college). Let's cut out all of the underdog/suprise/trap game garbage and play football straight up. Let teams get as good as they want to be. Let bad teams be really bad. (which ironically, causes some bad teams to get really good. . . notice the 1980's Browns, or the 1990's Cowboys. . they were horrible and were pushed towards excellence by other dominant teams).

Down with Parity, up with the 1980's 49'ers, the 1990's Bulls, etc. . .Sports is better for it.



BMer916 said...

this is the softest Raven's defense in years, i think the Bronco's will be just fine against them.

if i could pick a style of offense for the Browns, i would go with grind it out run game. i totally agree with you about the run, if you don't have it you're in trouble. it's totally about wearing the opposing front line out, it takes a lot of carries but eventually it'll pay off.

Publican_Chest said...

run the ball

...this is a good point. I can't think of the last time I saw a seventeen play drive take 15 minutes and end up with 7 points on the board? Big plays may win games but not championships. Dominance and defense do.

aaron said...

I'm so tired of the "They stacked the box" explanation for why teams don't run.

Please. Did you watch those John Riggins videos? Are you telling me the Cowboys didn't "stack the box" against the Diesel?

Running is an attitude. Nebraska, among other teams, needs to find it.

BMer916 said...

what about recent superbowl winners/participants; Patriots, Colts, Cardinals, Rams, Raiders (Gannon), ...

aaron said...

Yeah, you're right, it's the new fad.

I"m not sure that the Cards or Raiders ran the exclusive shot gun, though? The Rams had Faulk too. . . The Patriots were a freak show with McDaniels' offense a few years ago.

I"m not saying the spread doesn't work sometimes. I just think it's bad for football, and I think that lesser teams would have a shot if they would just get mean and put two tight ends in the game and make them stop you.

This is more true in College than the Pros. No one in the Pros is running the true spread.


Publican_Chest said...

I just thought this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zV1a5WFGkKs&feature=related

would add something to the conversation