Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Danger

I thought this post sums up well the danger as we enter another political season (did the last one ever stop?). My opinion is that too much hope, passion, and expectations are being placed on our government. Paul Ireland says it better:

I thought this was an insightful comment left here on the blog from Paul Ireland—worth highlighting:

In the whole discussion about Mormonism, I think we’re missing a big part of what is going on with Glenn Beck. The problem is not simply Mormonism. The problem is idolatry.

People who follow Glenn Beck may not become Mormon and reject the Trinity, but they will likely follow his Americolatry—his worship of our nation. His view of life rises and falls on the state of our country. Christians I know who follow Beck quickly get pulled into his idolatrous fervor that declares that our nation can be our savior.

Both the left and the right subscribe to this Americolatry. If our government does X, Y, and Z, then we will be joyful, satisfied, safe, and complete. Then we will live in heaven. But if the other guys get their way, it’ll be hell. In that equation, God is no longer our joy, our comfort, our satisfaction, our all. If God is brought into the conversation at all, it is to use God as a means for our own idolatrous ends. This kind of idolatry is very alluring and dangerous for Christians.


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Paul Ireland said...

Thanks for sharing some of my thoughts. I’ve written a bit more about Glenn Beck on my blog, especially about how he is clearly not a prophet of God:

Be Blessed!