Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Theology of Poverty


Sorry to be the Web-links guy today. . . but this is a fantastic piece from Andrew Peterson. I'm the world's biggest Rich Mullins fan, and I, like many, had to come to grips with the fact that we're not all called to live like good ol' Rich.

Andrew rightly exposes the false gospel of poverty (and capitalism by the way) and has a better way forward on these issues.


BMer916 said...

very cool, his little part about shoes was tough to read (poor kid in the room). I often think like this, about if i was without responsibility (single, kid-less...) how i would travel and give everything away. this article was encouraging.

and his new album is solid, you should pick it up.

aaron said...

I liked the marriage song. . I"ll have to hear the rest.

I just think it's a good thing to remember that usually when folks are living very poor on purpose, or rejecting American consumerism, etc. . .They're usually benefitting from others. I certainly did when I was single :) I was the biggest free-loader ever. So, it's dumb for folks who are benefitting from the rich to speak against the rich. (thus, the burgers). There is the un-Godly rich and the un-Godly poor, and the Godly rich and the Godly poor. Money isn't the issue, the issue is in your heart.

I loved this piece, especially because Peterson isn't really rich. He's just richer than he used to be. . . (which most successful ex-poor people are :) )