Thursday, September 9, 2010

Two good pieces on the Koran burning

Again, my maturity would want to post a sophomoric, 4 letter word filled, immature blog about this stupidity (as one blogger commented. . . assininity. . . I like that word).

But, instead, I will point you to two more mature pieces.

A quick side note: Terrorists flew planes into the towers. Yes, they were Muslims, but the great majority of Muslims are not terrorists. As Christians we have to be in favor of religious freedom for all. If we want to restrict the religious freedom of those with whom we disagree or of whom we are afraid, then who's freedom will be next? Fear leads to hatred, and as Yoda tells us, hatred leads to the dark side. I would ask anyone who claims to be a Christian to think about these things as we interact with the Mosque in Downtown NYC, and all manner of Muslim issues in the USA. We should not allow anyone to threaten anyone else, or be combative/violent in their practice. We should not skirt the laws of our land. . . . BUT. . . We should be for their right to practice their religion. We would like the same freedom, no?

(Abraham Piper has a very interesting take over at 22words. It's a little "un-sensative" so I"m not going to link to it. But, if you'd like another take. . google Abraham Piper. . . )

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