Thursday, October 21, 2010

David Crowder and Light Brite

David Crowder. Wow. It just makes me feel good to know that David Crowder is out there making ridiculous art, with a love for God, a heart for people, and ridiculous amounts of gifting and talent. Christians are producing top-rate, incomparable, art, . . . .regardless of what we think after listening to KLove. Check out this amazing video.

Where we run into problems is when we take a cue from the secular entertainment/celebrity culture and try to start emulating David Crowder (or Mark Driscoll, or anyone else who is a well-known Christian going about his/her business serving the Lord). I count myself guilty of this (see track 1, More of You album, 519). It's especially bad when worship leaders try and do worship services like Crowder does in Waco, TX, or think they aren't successful until they can "pull this off".

It's tempting. But, these guys are incredibly gifted. You can't imitate the best, and you (I) just look foolish trying. God gave us all a measure of gifting in various things (1 Corinthians 12) and we need to be busy about using our gifting for the edification of His Church. Let's thank God for good ol' Dave, enjoy and be edified by what he does. . . .and not try and emulate him or anyone else. David is certainly an unique individual, and we are too.

Thanks Dave, for this sweet video, . . . a great picture of Christian love, and a beautiful song with sick audio and video production.

ps. I can't seem to fix the margins on this blog to accomodate "wider" stuff. Here's the link if the video is clipped for you
If anyone can help me with this. . .I'd love to know what I"m messing up.


Danny said...
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Danny DeBelius said...

Go to the blogger homepage, click "design" in the links next the the blue "New post" button.

Then click "Template Designer" in the subnav.

Pick a shiny new template, then click the "layout" tab, then click "Adjust width" to make the content area wider.

aaron said...

See, . . this is one of a myriad of reasons why I need Danny in my life.

Thanks a million dude. enjoy your handiwork.


Danny DeBelius said...

This is lovely... well done!