Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Quick Nuggets Thought

I know, it's early. . .

Here's some snippets from the interviews after the game last night. . . a Nuggets blow out win over their rivals, the Jazz, 110-88.

Now that he's back, Karl's next assignment is coaxing Anthony to stick around.

"Try to convince Melo the place he wants to be is really Denver. He just doesn't know it yet," Karl said.

Anthony has been mentioned in trade speculation since he brushed off a three-year, $65 million extension with the Nuggets in June. He was in his white jersey with powder blue and gold trim Wednesday, but this possibly could be his final opener with the team.

Unless Karl can persuade him.

"Come on, George. Let me play," Anthony said when told of Karl's comments. "I'm here. Tonight, I was excited about this game. I can't control what happens out there. Whatever happens, is going to happen."


I have two problems with this: 1) Carmelo CAN control what happens out there. Why doesn't he sign his extention? How about at least a one year deal so that this squad can play it out? If it doesn't work, he's welcome to leave next year.

2) I know the Nuggets don't want to lose Carmelo for nothing. . but since a lockout is almost certainly coming next summer, I think it might be the best move. This is the best team the Nuggets have had in a while. It would be a shame to not let them play it out.

We got some size over the summer. . Shelden Williams had 16 rebounds last night, and Al Harrington had wide open jumpers all night (folks have to focus on Carmelo) and about 8 rebounds himself. We've never had that before, two big guys who can bruise people and take the pressure off of Carmelo.

We still have Nene and JR Smith two players who are forever maddening to Denver fans. But, the kicker is. . .they can be themselves now (inconsistent) because we've got so many weapons. We're a deep team, not as deep as the Celtics or Lakers. . but much deeper than the Heat, Spurs, Mavs, or anyone else in the West.

This is a good team, I hope the powers that be will let them play it out this year.

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