Thursday, June 12, 2008

Listening. . . .

So, I"m listening to some messages from the "Dwell" conference in NYC. There was alot of talk of living missionally and being lifestyle evangelists.

I think the hardest thing,. . .especially for those of us who work for a church. . . is simply knowing folks of different faiths. Its not in my normal sphere of life (day in, day out) to be in contact with folks who believe differently than I. I've tried to be better lately at connecting with my neighbors. . I think our garage sale was good for that. I will definitely coach some sports as the kids get older :), . . but I'm just thinking through what that looks like for me, and how I relate to folks. I'm actually a pretty shy person, I don't have many friends outside of my wife. . . . just a handful. So, this isn't a "natural" thing for me.

Just thinking out loud. . . .

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