Thursday, June 5, 2008

random processing

So, I"m back in town from Florida, and its been quite the whirlwind of a week. I have many, random thoughts (thus the title of this blog :) ) on alot of different things. . . so . . buckle up.

--very sad times in Florida at my cousin's service. It just is "out of order" when kids die before their parents (or older cousins). My uncle was a mess, as I would be, my aunt was amazing and gave a 15 minute tribute at the service without losing composure at all. unbelievable. . . I would've been like my uncle, whom my aunt and her son had to, literally, hold up to the podium while he spoke. I made it through my song, . . .started a little shaky because it came at the end of the service, after all the tributes. . . but once I got my wind, it went ok.

--though very sad,. . . it was great and healthy to consider "heavy" things for a season. Its always good for us to do that, since we spend so much time with t.v., video games, news, movies, etc. . . . we need to think about the important things from time to time, and this was good for that(it's also good to use t.v./movies/etc. . to think about and bring up the heavier things). I was with Providence, my daughter, the whole time we were in Florida, and it was just a good gut check for me. . "how would I react if something like this happens".

--If God allowed, permitted, and planned the death of his own Son, we can't ever say "this or that experience is beyond his rule. . there's no way God can have any plan or purpose in this, its meaningless". It is so tempting to do that, because things are so painful, and we don't understand them. But, if God was there on Good Friday, he's there when our "tragedies" happen as well.

--Florida is really, really, hot. I used to idolize this state as a child,( we would go there for vacations frequently), but I think it would be really hard for me to live there now. :)

--Sometimes, . . . . . anger, frustrations, conflict and sin are not a result of a) spiritual warfare b) others sins against me c) the world/government out to get me, etc. . . :) but because of unrepentant sin in my own life. That changes your mood/temper and leads to more sin. So, keep a short account, with others, and with God. God already knows that you sinned, and he's already forgiven you for it. But, you won't have complete healing until you humble yourself and admit that you're wrong, and change your mind (repent) about it.

--The Gospel is amazing and unthinkable. When we realize what we've been saved from and forgiven of. . . .it leads to gratitude and better living (thank you, Joel Osteen!!!!! :) ) . It makes others' sins against us easier to forgive.

-- Barack Obama should not pick Hillary. She has all the same problems he has with controversy/crediblity/etc. . . . Obama needs to pick a boring, old, white, guy for his running mate, . . that would be a smart move.

--The Lakers are winning the title.

--If you read my wife's blog, you know some of the struggles we've had with our adoption agency. Its a hard balance between "God is doing all things in His time" and "I think they could do a better job running their business". This works for adoption agencies/post offices/police departments/Wal-Marts/etc. . . Just remember, that "God is in the heavens, and He does what pleases Him" (Psalm 115). That being said. . pray for us, . .its tough waiting, and its tough not getting angry at other folks (see above).

--Come to our garage sale tomorrow and Saturday! All proceeds to go the adoption and we have 25 famililes donating materials. It is a garage sale of epic proportions.

That's all for now. . . .



BMer916 said..., the Celtics are winning the title!

Aaron said...

if they win tuesday. . .it's theirs