Monday, June 30, 2008

Things you didn't know about John McCain

Just for your information. . . .



pmoffitt said...

All well and good, but if one is going to analyze character on such deeply personal levels, should it not be mentioned that McCain was a married man when he met his now wife? His current wife has also admitted in the Newsweek interview that the adopted children were her idea, purely, and that McCain was completely surprised and not given much opportunity to express his opinions on the matter. Also a largely absent father and husband. One must take into account the source of such praise, and certainly Isreali commentators have a profound interest in the US continuing under the leadership of perhaps antiquated military idealism in the middle east......
just playing a little balancing advocacy here........ :)

Aaron said...

I don't pretend to know the dynamics of John McCain's family/marriage, nor do I think it matters for the campaign. (Nor do I think any newsweek reporter knows)
I was just pointing out that he has adopted multiple times and has not publicized this and many other good deeds and convictions and used them for political bargaining chips.

I respect him for that.

And, since the press seems intent on painting him as an old curmudgeon and "mean" person, I was intending to bring some "balance" as well.

And, while I am not a republican, I would like to point out that neither candidate will get us out of Iraq as soon as any of us would like, statements to the contrary from the candidates are pure politics and are not rooted in the reality that will hit them on their first day in office.

Hey, Obama is probably winning, and he's the Golden Boy of the press and our celebrity culture. The least we can do is give Johnny some praise for things that won't ever come up in the campaign. :)


pmoffitt said...

Well said. You know you're one of my favorite people to bounce my often opinionated and occassionally irrational thoughts off of - :)