Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Ok, too much to talk about today. . .here we go.

---The nuggets' season is an unqualified success. That's the best our team has done since the 80's. It remains to be seen if our front office can have as good an off-season. We have some work to do there.

---The Magic were going to beat the Cavs. . they owned them for the whole season. We'll see if any of the same trends continue with the Lakers, whom the Magic also beat twice during the season. Lamar Odom is key. . .

---GM should have been allowed to go bankrupt. It is estimated that many jobs will be lost in the re-structring of GM. Oh, you mean like what would've happened if they would've gone bankrupt??? I don't understand.

---Re: Supreme Court. . . .Judge Sotomayor is a respectable judge. She has ruled favorably on some abortion cases, as a matter of fact. The concern is that her judicial philosophy is fairly liberal (I don't mean liberal in the political sense, . . I mean it in the judicial sense) and not constructionist. So, for the future cases that will come before her, there's not alot of clues on which way she'll go, since she's been fairly independent, and doesn't hold a constructionist view. Her credentials are unquestioned. . her judicial philosophy is where I differ with her.

---Kristian Stanfill and Christy Nockels both have new albums out on Passion's record label, Six Steps. Christy Nockels has been "that girl singing that one song" on all of the Passion albums, and was "Watermark" with her husband, Nathan, for years. She's one of the best singers out there,. . I'm talking Carrie Underwood good. . .(readers of this blog will get that one). Her album sounds great. Kristian, I've followed for many years as he led at Northpoint church in Atlanta. His songs are great, and the album sounds great. He deviates a bit from the Tomlin standard production, which is good,. . . and he's got an edgier voice than Tomlin or Crowder. . . . It seems like Passion is branching out a bit, which is good.

---That reminds me. . . I haven't written at length about the state of the Christian music industry, basically because I feel like it doesn't have much of a future. I think the Nashville party is basically over. Here's an article that talks about many of the current problems. When folks with a record deal are working at Starbucks, it may be time to turn out the lights :).

I think it will be a good thing though. . . . Folks that lean more towards general artistry and edginess will go "secular" and influence the broader world with their art. The artists that want to serve the church, will be able to do just that. That's why Passion has had so much success,. . they're writing songs for the church, to sing at church, by worship teams. The artists whom heart is there will continue to be able to minister as long as they're serving the church.

And again, . . .all of the bands that should've been "secular" a long time ago, will become so. And, this is good. . .we don't need to abandon the general music industry to artists with a secular world view. There are many current Christian artists in mainstream music. Many of the Christian acts that were simply "making money off the church" in my opinion, will be able to use their gifts for the furtherance of the gospel in the wider artistic world, which they should have been doing all along.

The separation will be needed for the business model to work, and I think it's a good thing.


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