Monday, June 1, 2009

The Tragedy of Dr. Tiller

There is enough tragedy to go around in the case of Dr. Tiller in Kansas, the doctor who would perform late-term abortions, some would say so late so as to be against the law. Aborion is murder, and is tragic.

But there is equal tragedy in his murder in the foyer of his own church yesterday. This is a tragedy for he and his family, a moral tragedy, and a not a good day for those of us working for pro-life causes. Here is a very thoughtful article from Dr. Albert Mohler. I highly recommend reading this and learning something from history as to how Christians should and should not confront unjust laws. (which our country's abortion laws are very much so)

Great Read

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Andy said...

A very good read.

If one is going to uphold the tenants of pro-life under the "sanctity and precious nature of life," you must consistently apply this viewpoint across all life. Not a single life can be devalued, even in the name of saving other lives.

That goes for violence again people like Tiller, war and capital punishment.

Life is life and it is not a Christian's place to take one.