Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Suburbia wrap up

I know, I know. . .how sad that our suburbia series is ending. . . .

You may ask. . "why do you care about this stuff, Aaron?".

Well, it's not because I have a secret hate for the suburbs, or consider them to be more evil than other areas where you could choose to live. I do think that the suburbs are often assumed to be a "perfect" place to live. Especially, as a parent, they are often lifted up as a "safe" place to raise kids, and kind of a utopia. So, I felt the need to tear that down a bit.

Also, as stated in the intro, it's just good to know what sins your neighborhood will push you towards or what inherent flaws your area has (every place has something).

So, why do I live in the suburbs? Well, quite frankly, it was the only place I could afford to buy a house. I think this is true for many folks. . .we've actually created a new "ghetto" where everyone funnels who can only afford a certain level of house. If poverty ghettos were where immigrants were pushed in the early 1900's (harlem, south side of chicago, etc. . )then suburbs are where families are pushed to live in our day. I'm not trying to say it's hard in the burbs, like in the inner city or something. . . I'm talking about the true definition of a "ghetto". There is a similar lack of progress, culture, arts, and personal development in the burbs as there are in traditional "ghettos". I feel another suburbs post coming on!!!!! Just kidding.

All that to say, this is where I live, I'm trying to fight against the consumerism and comparitive tendencies with my kids, things, and house. I"m trying to fight against a homogeneous view of everything by experiencing different cultures and getting out alot. I'm trying to connect with my neighbors in meaningful ways by having block parties, dinners and good conversations. And, I"m trying to remain a citizen of "another kingdom" by not becoming too attached to my stuff and my area, and keeping things in perspective.

We'll see what series topic comes to my mind next. . . .


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