Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Jared Wilson

I would recommend to anyone, Jared Wilson's blog, gospeldrivenchurch.blogspot.com. He's a real thoughtful guy with a heart that the Evangelical church would return to gospel centrality. Here's a great piece from today. I used to wonder about the stuff in this piece, because I didn't understand how Bill Cosby wasn't a Christian. (my dad had yet to introduce me to his stand-up work in the 70's) Hey, Cosby's the greatest dad to ever be on t.v.!! :)

Check it out.

And, thanks everyone for checking my bounceback email . . . Didn't you feel loved and affirmed after receiving it? I thought so.

By the way, I won't know how many of you responded because I'm not checking that email account (he he). provi8950@gmail.com is the summer email.

Tough day 2 of the sabbatical. I have some friends going through some crazy hard stuff, and I have a courageous wife who whilst speaking the truth often gets branded a "judger" by people. Alas, . . .apparently "honesty" is no longer a word that has any meaning. It's either "accept everything I do" or "judge" . . .no place for tough love these days. Thanks Jody, for pressing on and loving people enough to be honest. It's certainly saved my life from many a pang.

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