Monday, May 10, 2010

You need a mediator pt. 2

Hey, better late than never. . . . . .

So, every blog in Christendom has posted the Northpoint video from a couple of days ago (scroll down). And, that, along with this Sunday's services, along with a Bob Kauflin interview. . .brought a thought into my head.

Music is not the mediator of God's presence. Jesus is.

This weekend, we had baby dedications (20 of them!). . . because of that, we only got to spend around 9 minutes singing at the beginning of the service,. . and probably 10 more at the end. That's less than we usually do.

But, God spoke, powerfully through his Word (Tom gave the best Mother's Day sermon I've ever heard), and through the dedication of our children. It's great hearing the dad's pray for their families, . . . It's powerful watching them value the passing down of their faith to their kids. It affects people sitting in the pews (hopefully convicting some of them).

Kind of sounds like the affects that we usually ascribe to the music huh? See, if you're a person who gets fired up about "extended" worship times and hates it when other things happen in the service besides the singing, you might have thought this weekend was a failure at some level, or at least a less satisfying service. But, that's putting music in too high a place. God spoke Sunday, through his Word, and through his dads.

We don't need to be married to an experience (perhaps like the one in the Northpoint video) with lights, candles, and all the cultural trappings. We need to be expecting to meet with Christ through his Word, and through fellowship with our brothers and sisters. We are a family, remember. And Jesus gets us to God, nothing else.

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