Monday, May 17, 2010

Sabbatical Randomness

Randomizer. . .

--Today is day 1 of my sabbatical. It has gone well, I have helped Jody with some projects, started my tan, read, played with Sam, and bought sandals. We'll see what tomorrow has in store:

I will be blogging my thoughts over the next few months. I"ll be visiting quite a few churches, and will try to stay away from "church rater" nonsense and over-evaluating things. That said, since I'm not in the office, I may be motivated to blog more, we'll see. And, I'd love to hear from any of you, don't be scared to say hi, just because I'm not in the office. . . I'm on sabbatical, not quarantine :)

--I'm kind of getting tired of the new worship wars. . . that is. . . over the regulative principle, reformed, should we be relevant, what are we doing on Sunday, etc.. . . . .It's just an exercise in broad brush attacks, and I"m weary of it. These are case-by-case things that need to take into account the motivations of those involved. If you don't know the motivations. . . don't act like you do. Most of you have no idea what I"m talking about, . . . . you should be thankful for that.

--Speaking of that: Here's a great take on the Contemporvant video from last week: Bob Kauflin is such a mature, pastoral guy. I always love his thoughts. I was going to write a blog post similar to his, but he did much better than I would've :). These are good thoughts, and good things to take away from this video.

Notice, he did not use this video has an opportunity to bash the contemporary church, or make broad brush accusations and judgements about contexualization, etc. . . I"m just sayin'

--The NBA playoffs have been really interesting. I fully agree with the Sports Guy's take on Lebron, that we need to recalibrate his career in Dr. J like categories, instead of Jordanesque ones. Jordan, Magic, Bird, 2000 Shaq, Iverson, etc. . .never lets the Celtics do that to them. His warrior cred went down a few notches with that loss. We'll see if the Magic have some warrior in them, I'm not hopeful. However, Gasol will be waiting, and Kobe as well. That could be a really interesting series. I must say, though, I'm rooting for the Suns, and Steve Nash from the West. I'd like to see him get a crack at the Finals. I think they'd give the Celtics big, big problems.

--Is it Football season yet?

--The Marriage Ref is a great, great show. Check it out.

--"Brothers" and "Up in the Air" are my two "spiritually profound, non-oscar, accesible, don't have to brag that you watched it, learn something" great movies of the year. Great flicks!

--And finally:

My facebook diatribe from a few weeks ago seemed to have offended some folks and russled some feathers. It's been weird, I'm feeling avoided by some people since I wrote that.

Hear me say this: That was not my intention there. I'm sorry for being a little "broad brush" myself with that blog. I should've been more nuanced, . . .please accept my apology. If you can use Facebook well, for God's glory, not your own, in balance,. . . then go for it. I couldn't, so those were my thoughts on the matter. Many folks are stronger than me with that kind of stuff, (you know, they can turn off college football after the 1st game is over and not watch the double header. . . . just sayin') and I hope Facebook continues to serve them, and not vice versa.

Looking forward to blogging more this summer. See ya!


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Jeff said...

Oh yeah - that Facebook diatribe :-) no time to comment now - I'm headed out to run. I'll be sure to post the time and distance when I'm done!