Thursday, June 10, 2010

Conference Shuffle

So, it looks like Nebraska is in the Big 10, whilst CU and the Big 12 south went to the PAC-10. Stop it with the math. . .these conference names are logos, not the number of teams present (sorry Jody).

There is no villain in this story, except money. Nebraska is being painted as the money-grubbing villain that blew up the Big 12, but that's not true. If the Big 10 calls, you listen. It would be a dumb move to reject that invitation. It would be like if you were offered a job promotion that wasn't more hours, or more stress. . .just more money, prestige, and respect in the academic world. Would you take it? Thought so. Enough with the NU bashing. . . if anything, Texas' hold on all conference decisions and their cowboyish (George W. anyone?) way of going about pretty mundane decisions was a turn off. Good riddance, Texas, and I can't wait until Oct. 16th in Lincoln, bring it.

(an interesting side story here is the next 2 seasons of football. There will be some heated, caustic, rivalry games, and I'm excited about it. These will be grudge matches to the Nth degree. )

So, the Big 12 wasn't strong enough to hold together. But, that's ok. KU, Kstate, Baylor, etc, will find a good conference to be a part of. The good side effect of the huge super conferences (PAC 16, etc) is that we're one step closer to a playoff that doesn't involve the BCS. If enough schools can get in these super conferences, than those games will be de-facto playoff games leading to more meaningful bowl games. Eventually the NCAA won't be able to block a playoff because one will be happening under their noses. I'm happy about that.

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