Thursday, June 10, 2010


--It's been too long, apologies, you 4 readers you.

--Sabbatical is going well, I've visited Watermark Church of Denver, Core Community Church in Omaha, and The Journey church in St. Louis. All were very rich times of worship together, and I learned alot from each one. (might get into "lessons" later, but not in this post)

--It's been great re-connecting with Jody. For whatever reason, a change of scenery and change of time brings out the best conversations in us. It makes me feel a little stupid that we don't talk like this all the time at home. There is no "we didn't have time" excuse. . . sure, things are easier on vacation, but I need to be more intentional. It's been great, she's my best friend.

--It's been fun riding bikes with the kids. We're staying at my mom's house in Gretna, NE (my home town) for a few weeks. So, we've been taking bike rides daily to all of my old stomping grounds, schools, parks, etc. . . . . Good times. I don't like it how everything is spread out so much in Colorado. I'm not a competitive biker (see Britton, Jody) so I just like little rides around town. Mission accomplished.

--Times, places, and people change. But, it's always a neat moment for me when a location, smell, sound, or something takes you immediately back to a previous memory. Those things happen alot these days. There's hardly a street in Omaha or Gretna that I don't have a memory of. . . went in the old High School the other day (it's a middle school now) and I went in the gym. Every concert, basketball game, school play, and my graduation were in that room. It was cool. I used to bemoan the changes every time I would come home (I'm getting older), but now it's fun. . . like "folks will never know what went happened there one day a long time ago". :)

--I spent yesterday in Lincoln with lifelong friend, Andy Washburn. So, some Big 12 (RIP) and Big Red talk is in order, . . . if you don't like such talks, skip the next two posts. :)


Jeff said...

great to hear what you've been up to. awesome pics at the NU stadium too - looked like a really cool opportunity.

Jody Britton said...

uncle rico. 'nough said.